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General conditions of Sale


1.1 - The contract between the site and the Client must be understood with the acceptance, even partial, of the order by
This acceptance is deemed silent, unless otherwise stated with any modality to the Customer. By placing an order in the various ways provided, the Customer declares that he has read all of the information provided to him during the purchase procedure and accepts the general conditions and payment terms as outlined below.

1.2 - If the customer is a consumer (ie a natural person who buys the goods for purposes other than their professional activity), after completing the online purchase procedure, he will print or save an electronic copy and in any case keep these conditions General of sale, in the respect of what foreseen of the art. 50 and Ss of Legislative Decree 206/05.

1.3 - Any Customer's right to damages or compensation, as well as any contractual or non-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and / or property, caused by the failure to accept, even partial, an order.

1.4 These General Sales Terms ("General Terms"), posted on the Site, will remain valid and effective until they are modified and / or integrated. Any changes and / or additions to the General Terms and Conditions will be effective from the date on which they will be disclosed to the public and will apply to sales made on that date. The latest updated version of the General Terms and Conditions is available on the Site.


2.1 - Customer can


2.1 - The customer can only purchase the products in the electronic catalog of at the time of the order delivery, as described in the relevant information sheets. It is understood that the image accompanying the descriptive card of a product may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics but differ according to color, size, and accessories of the product shown in the figure. All purchasing support information (Glossary, Buying Guide, Technical Data Sheets, Additional Information, etc ...) is meant as a simple general information material not relevant to the actual characteristics of a single product

2.2 - The correct receipt of the order is confirmed by the website via an e-mail response, sent to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer. This confirmation message will include the date and time of execution of the order and a "Order Reference" to be used in any further communication with the website. The message replicates all the data entered by the Customer, which undertakes to verify its correctness and promptly communicate any corrections, using customer service.

2.3 - In case of non-acceptance of the order, guarantees communication to the Customer via e-mail or telephone within five days of receipt of the summary e-mail.

The site accepts orders for products within the limits of existing quantities in the warehouse. Therefore the acceptance of the purchase proposal is subject to the stock availability of the products themselves. undertakes to promptly notify the Customer of any unforeseeable depletion of stocks due to excess demand or other causes.


3.1 - Purchases via PayPal: In the case of purchasing goods with PayPal payment methods, PayPal will promptly charge the amount of the purchase made at the conclusion of the online transaction.

3.2 - Bank transfer: in case of purchase of the goods with payment method Bank transfer is required to proceed with the payment on the current account headed by BUSCEMI CIRO, at the B P E R headquarters of Lucca sicula

IBAN: IT20J 05387 82980 000000935255 Cause: "Online Sale".


4.1 - The site can accept orders with delivery of products by courier

4.2 - An accompanying document of the shipped material is issued for each order made at For the issue of the invoice, the information provided by the Customer on the order is confirmed. After the order is executed, it will no longer be possible to request the invoice if such a wish has not been expressed previously. After the invoice is issued, it will not be possible to make changes to it.

4.3 - Delivery costs, if any, are borne by the Customer and are clearly stated when ordering. Nothing is due more to the customer than the total order.

4.4 - No liability can be charged to in case of delays in ordering or delivery of what is ordered.

4.5 - The delivery of what is ordered is the road plan, also at the time of delivery the customer is required to check

- that the number of packages delivered is the same as indicated in the accompanying invoice

- that the packaging is intact, not damaged, neither wet nor otherwise altered, even in the closure material (adhesive tape or strapping).

Any damage to the packaging and / or the product or the lack of correspondence with the number of packages or indications must be immediately disputed, including WRITTEN CONTROL RESERVE (SPECIFYING THE RESERVE MOTION, eg "packing", "crushed packing" , etc.) on the courier delivery test. Once the courier's document is signed, the Customer will not be able to challenge any of the external features of the delivery.

Any problems regarding the physical integrity, correspondence or completeness of the products received must be reported within 3 days of delivery, as provided in this document.

4.6 - In case of non-withdrawal within 5 working days of the material in stock at the courier's warehouses due to repeated non-delivery to the delivery indicated by the customer on order, the order will be returned to the warehouses mentioned in uses the site


5.1 - The site recognizes, in relation to PRODUCTS purchased by the CUSTOMER, the legal guarantee of compliance with the terms and conditions set out in art. 128 and ss. of the CODE. In particular, the rights arising from this guarantee may be exercised provided that the Products have been used properly, with due diligence and respect for the intended use and as provided for in the accompanying instructions and upon presentation by the CUSTOMER of the Product delivery receipt received with the same and indication of the order number.

5.2 - The site is in no way responsible for the poor preservation of the product

5.3 - Any damage to the packaging and / or the product or the lack of correspondence with the number of packages or indications must be immediately disputed at the time of delivery, including "ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE", also specifying the reasons for the reservation, Customer will not be able to challenge any of the external features of the delivery.

5.4 - In the event that the goods were delivered in whole or in part damaged, the site will proceed within 60 (sixty) days to repay the sum of the damaged goods without being necessarily bound to return the damaged and / or lost goods.

5.5 - No liability can be charged to, in case of delays in delivery of what is ordered. In particular, any Customer's right to damages or compensation, as well as any contractual or non-contractual liability of, is forfeited for personal and / or property damage caused by non-acceptance, even partial, of an order.


6.1 - The Customer declares and warrants: (a) that he is a consumer in accordance with Art. 3 of the Consumption Code; (b) be of age; (c) that the data provided by it for the performance of the Contract is correct and true; d) have read, understood, and accepted the present sale conditions, which they have given appropriate conservation;

6.2 - The Customer is solely responsible for the truthfulness and correctness of the information provided during the sale and compulsory for the purpose through and undertakes to promptly notify any changes in the data entered.


7.1 - The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, as set out in Art. 64 and ss. of the CODE, provided that the PRODUCTS to be returned are complete, complete with the original packaging and label and the packaging, within 14 days of receipt of the products, giving appropriate communication by registered letter with return receipt to be sent to home of SAPORA SICILIA Contrada Costa Crete Villafranca Sicula (AG)

of which to the art. 11, or by e-mail.

7.2 - The costs of returning the products are borne by the Customer.

7.3 - The site will return, within 60 days from the date of receipt of the products by the Customer, the entire price paid by the Customer in case of return of the complete product of all its parts and functions; or if the product is contained in its original packaging and is not damaged and / or used.

7.4 - The reimbursement of the price paid, referred to in the previous paragraph, will be carried out exclusively from

7.5 - The return of the products can only be effected in the manner specified by the website In particular, it will be required that:
a) The site will take care of the withdrawal of the goods by sending a courier of its trust to the address indicated by the customer.
b) The product is in the same state as it was delivered and will have to store, as far as possible, its packaging and the original label.
c) Delivery must be made using the same protective box (if provided) in which it was received to protect the product. If you do not have the protective box used for delivery, you must return the product in a protective box with the aim of getting it into the seller's warehouse with the utmost guarantee.
(d) A copy of the delivery note must be placed inside the parcel showing the returned products and the reason for the refund. If the reason for the refund is due to the use of this service is free of charge. If the reason is another, the cost of the refund will be borne by the Customer


8.1 - The site develops, during defined time intervals, promotional campaigns in order to promote certain products, reserving the unquestionable right to interpret the terms of application of the promotions, to prolong them, to communicate ways and times, exclusion of any participant in promotions in the event of anomalies, abuses or unethical behaviors in the participation of the same.


9.1 The law applicable to the sale of the Products is the Italian law, with particular reference to the provisions of the CODE.

9.2 Any disability of individual CONTRACT or GCV clauses will not imply the invalidity of the entire CONTRACT or GCV.

9.3 The competent court is Sciacca (Ag)


If you have any questions or concerns about this Agreement or Services, please refer to the various sections for this purpose on the same website


Salvatore Buscemi with registered office in C/da Costa Creta  Villafranca Sicula (AG) owner of

Legal Information

    Payments must be made to our legal administration

    Acceptance or issue by the seller of effects payable at the domicile of the customer or third parties is not a waiver of the payment clause at the registered office

    After the deadline set for payments, save all our other actions, trade interests will run at the current rate

    The delay of the payment entitles the supplier to suspend and also cancel this order and any previous ones

    payment can not be suspended even in case of disputes of the supplied goods. The debt owing to the failure to pay even partial of an invoice, the benefit of the term for all the obligations it has had with the seller, but excluding any and all exceptions

    The goods travel at risk and danger to the buyer, even if sold in free port: no claim will be admitted after eight days from the date of arrival of the goods in the customer's warehouses

    For any dispute, even in case of a warrant call, the nearest burial place will be competent. Sciacca (Ag)